Friday, 1 January 2010

The Ventures - In the Vaults, Vol. 4

Happy New Year, everyone!

Here goes another rare item I would like to share with all fans of the Ventures, here goes a last of "In The Vaults" compilations, dedicated to session musicians which played with the band for a long time. My favourites are Echo, which has a typical Ventures touch and Don't Avoid Me with unforgettable Don's vocal :-)

1. Journey to the stars
2. Delicado
3. Night run (The Marksmen)
4. Station breaks
5. Driving guitars
6. Don't avoid me (voc. Don Wilson)
7. Echo
8. Yellow jacket
9. Delta Lady
10. Heart on my sleeve (voc. Don Wilson)
11. Scratch (The Marksmen)
12. Memphis
13. Like you've never known before (voc. Don Wilson)
14. Black tarentella
15. Original number one
16. The Twomp (voc. Don Wilson)
17. Beautiful obsession
18. Bumble Bee
19. Son of a preacher man
20. Runaway (voc. Don Wilson)
21. Downtown
22. Pedal pusher
23. Feel so fine
24. Medley: Walk don't run/Perfidia/Lullaby Of The Leaves
25. The jam
26. Caravan



  1. Thanks a lot El Malandro.I've been looking for this awhile.

  2. Thanks for the nice posts on your blog.I hope you don't mind I took a lot of them!

  3. Anyone have any info on the tracks on this album? I'm specifically looking for info on the year each song was made. The info on the back of the jewel box would do fine. Thanks.