Saturday, 28 November 2009

Chet Atkins - Life In Music

Chet Atkins - Life In Music
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This is 44 minutes of pure joy. As a tribute to guitar master Chet Atkins, it's too short by half, but this TNN documentary (originally broadcast nearly 10 months before Atkins died at age 77 in June 2001) succeeds as both a concise chronology of Atkins's career and a loving valentine from the great musicians who benefited from Atkins's mentorship, collaboration, and shared love of music. Every testimony is genuinely sincere, just like Atkins was, and gracefully balanced with Chet's own picking (as astonishing as ever), interview clips, and fond reminiscences of his early days as a Tennessee performer...

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Ventures - Play Southern All Stars (2009)

01. Tsunami
02. Namida No Kiss
03. Fruit of Summer
04. Miss Brand New Day
05. Ellie My Love
06. Hotel Pacific
07. C-Chow Kotoba No Goyojin
08. Omoi Sugoshi Mo Koi No Uchi
09. Sindbad
10. Erotica Seven
11. Ai No Kotodama - Spiritual Message
12. Seaside Story
13. Furi Furi '65
14. The Night Club
15. Shiori's Theme
16. Don't Blame on Me


Monday, 9 November 2009

Hanks Snow - Gospel Train (1964)

LINK 1. This Train
2. I See Jesus
3. My Religion's Not Old-Fashioned
4. Dear Lord, Remember Me
5. Shop Worn
6. I'm Glad I'm On The Inside
7. I'll Go Marching Into Glory
8. What Then
9. The Runt
10. How Big Is God
11. The Lord's Way Of Sayin' Goodnight
12. A Man Who Is Wise


Monday, 2 November 2009