Friday, 24 September 2010

Welcome to Harem!

Another great music number from old Soviet movie - "Белый Рояль" (White Piano) made in Tadzhikistan. Composer again Alexander Zatsepin. Garage/psychobilly experts probably will agree that The Monsters' Sex Wax from their album The Hunch (1992) is almost the same tune.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

This is my favourite video of this week. It's from old Soviet movie of 1967, which was supposed to be a comedy, where main character along with his mother is in search for a wife, but the way it's done reminds me Ed Wood rather than Billy Wilder. Anyway, music by Alexander Zatsepin is excellent and vocals by Elmira Uruzbaeva as well, as you can witness from this clip.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Atlantics - Singles

The Atlantics - Singles

Bombora (alt. version)
The Boys
Rumble And Run
The Wild Ones
Boo Boo Stick Beat
Bumble Boogie
Peter Gunn
Chief Wooping-Koff
Then I'll Know It's Love
Take A Trip
Whirlpool (alt.)

Samples from Good Old Jukebox

Here is collection of obscure tracks by aussie surf legends - The Atlantics. Non-album tracks, mostly 60s stuff which came from compilations by Canetoad Records and among them are really great ones, including my favourite of all Atlantics recordings - Mirage. Had a chance one day to chat with Bosco Bosanac after their gig in Sydney - extremely nice fellow, hope he's going well.
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