Friday, 27 August 2010

Duane Eddy - Shazam!

Duane Eddy - Shazam!

(Dance With) The Guitar Man
Peter Gunn
Because They're Young
Some Kinda Earthquake
Theme From Dixie
Bonnie Come Back
Rebel Rouser
Play Me Like You Play Your Guitar
The Lonely One
Ring Of Fire
40 Miles Of Bad Road

Samples from Good Old Jukebox

here is a Duane Eddy recordings around the same time as the live show I posted recently. In fact it was my first Duane's CD so I've heard these versions early than original and personally I like them, Yep in particular :-)

At last the 1948 show

Old pre Monty Python show with familiar faces of John Cleese and Graham Chapman along with Tim Brooke-Taylor, Marty Feldman and Aimi MacDonald. I've got only 5 series, unfortunately.
>>>> 1.2G

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Duane Eddy In Concert (1975)

Video from some country performance in 1975, taken from German DVD where it's mixed with performance by Jerry Naylor (which I didn't really like). Here you have an unique possibility to see Duane playing fingerpicking and hear his cute wife singing.

1. Because They're Young
2. Cannonball Rag
3. Three-30-Blues
4. Movin'n'Groovin'
5. Son of a Guitar Man (voc. Deed Eddy)
6. Play Me Like You Play Your Guitar
7. Rebel Rouser
8. Peter Gunn

>>>> 544M