Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Sweet - Sweet Fanny Adams (1974)

The Sweet - Sweet Fanny Adams (1974)

Set me free
Heartbreak today
No you don't
Rebel rouser
Peppermint twist
Sweet F.A.
In to the night

Samples from Good Old Jukebox

Here is one of my desert island albums - when I've got it on a magnetic tape long time ago I could play it again and again. First side of LP is simpy the best, here is everything that rock means to me, Mick Tucker drums especially, this album is one of the kind, I guess, and it certainly was one of the things which made me a sort of guitar player.
I remember times when peolpe from UK asked me for a copy as it was impossible to buy it for some reason, probably due to the album title origin. Anyway, here it is.

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Monday, 21 June 2010

Mel Bay's Complete Chet Atkins Guitar Method

Today we have a bit of weird stuff - a Russian copy of Chet's Guitar Method. 46 tracks with attached booklet in Russian in DJVU format, if anybody has it it in more common format please let me know.

01. Tuning the Guitar
02. The Six Five Jive
03. Yankee Doodle
04. Right Hand Development
05. Alpha
06. Left Hand Development
07. Right Hand Etude
08. Home, Home, Can I Forget Tree
09. Remembering Home
10. Lightly Row
11. Long, Long Ago
12. The Marine Hymn
13. Martha
14. Tiptoe
15. Our Boys Will Shine Tonight
16. The Blue Tail Fly
17. Bicycle Built For Two
18. Oh,My Darling Clementine
19. My Mountain Home
20. Etude
21. The Wayfarin,Stranger
22. America The Beatiful
23. Three In One
24. Old Folks At Home
25. Home On The Range
26. Red River Valley
27. Waltz in E Minor
28. May
29. March Majestic
30. Prelude
31. Prelude in D Minor
32. Mist In The Valley
33. The Street Of Laredo
34. Smoky Mountain Lullaby
35. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
36. Etude in B Minor
37. Southern Picking
38. Love Song
39. Etude
40. The Carnival Of Venice
41. G String Etude
42. Smooth
43. Tenting Tonight
44. Careless Love
45. Ode To Bob
46. Chopin's Prelude

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Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Ventures - Super Sessions

Recorded in New York City, 1985
Personnel: Don Wilson, Bob Bogle, Mel Taylor, Nokie Edwards With special guest stars: Max Weinberg, Jeff Baxter, Peter Frampton, Rick Derringer, Chris Spedding, The Raybeats, Robby Krieger, David Johansen, Josie Cotton

1. Introduction
2. Wipe Out
3. Tequila
4. Apache
5. Memphis
6. Telstar
7. Out of Limits
8. Perfidia
9. Slaughter on 10th Avenue
10. House of the Rising Sun
11. Sleep Walk
12. Bumble Bee Twist
13. Let’s Go
14. Secret Agent Man
15. Hawaii Five-O
16. Pipeline
17. Walk Don’t Run

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