Sunday, 24 January 2010

Alexander Martynov - Russian guitar music

Variaty of examples of russian guitar music styles - pretty hard to find pieces by Mihail Vysotsky and Alexander Sihra, XIX century Russian guitar virtuosos, along with guitar adaptions of Dmitry Bortnyansky and novelty tunes by Sergey Rudnev and guitar modernist Nikita Koshkin.

01. M. Vysotskij - 'Ah, My Mother, I Have Headache' (Variations)
02. M. Vysotskij - Mazurka
03. M. Vysotskij - 'Ah, Ne Pava_.'
04. D. Bortnyanskij - Adagio and rondo from sonata for clavier
05. A. Sihra - Mazurka
06. A. Sihra - 'Ah, No Autumn Leaf' (Variations)
07. A. Sihra - Two ecossesses
08. A. Sihra - Concert etude _1
09. S. Rudnev - 'Anciant Linden' (Fantasia)
10. N. Koshkin - 'The Fall of Birds' (Andante quasi Passacaglia e Toccata)


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