Sunday, 19 May 2013

Acoustic Guitar Highlights

Peter Finger - Getaway
Woody Mann - Top Hat
Laurence Juber - Pass The Buck
Franco Morone - Mex Passage
Tim Sparks - Bach And Alija
Jan Hengmith - Tucupita
Preston Reed - Slap Funk
Baden Powell - Variacao
Duck Baker - The Cure
Jacques Stotzem - Two Bridges
Claus Boesser Ferrari - Rio Escondidos
Jamie Findlay - Blues For Janny
Madmo - Headless
Naked Ear - Circumsdance
Gillet & Freitez - Rumbaloo
Tomasz Gaworek Schodrok - Found In The Flurry Of The World
Jan Reimer - Im Kreislauf Des Geschehens
Gordon Giltrap - A Dublin Day

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