Thursday, 8 April 2010

Ansambel Apelsin

Tere tulemast!
Hello and give a warm welcome to Ansambel Apelsin - the living legend of contemporary Estonian music - the band and its leader Tõnu Aare just celebrated 35th anniversary and continue to play regular gigs evry month. They started in Soviet times in the beginning of 70s and had a huge success in USSR. The band looked quite different with their specific estonian sense of humour, great musical arrangement, virtuoso instrumentations by Tõnu Aare, great voices of Ants Nuut and Jaan Arder (the last was also a member of Hortus Musicus - famous estonian early music collective) and burlesque performances including bold appearence of Mati Nuude. Here goes a great example of the band in their early years:

Interesting fact was that while all soviet bands of that time played weird guitars like Musimas from DDR and Chech Iolanas Apelsin used very decent gear, like Vox guitars and Fender lap steel. As you could see Tõnu Aare plays banjo quite alright, he has a great baritone as well also he's a master of guitar and mandolin, and you can check it out right now - here is a collection of instrumental tracks of wide variety, from melancholic ballads to bluegrass and blues, hope you'll like it as much as I do.
Kalamehe Twist
Tico Tico
Jaanioo, imedeoo
Orange blues
Strato Special
Estonian dance
Hommik keskturul
Etuud nr.17
Suvepaeva rock
Chattanooga Choo Choo
Tirol Song

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